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VoyeurJapanTV vjt26349_1-def-1 SPY HER THROUGH THE PEEPHOLE

Through the voyeur’s dream of a a long narrow peephole, we see a luscious young thing sitting on the floor believing she’s alone and unnoticed. She lets the pleats of her skirt fall back as she intently reaches for the crotch of her crisp white panties. She pulls the hem or her skirt up and begins fingering, writhing in sexual frenzy as she works up the buzz in her hungry clit.
Our young lady lies down just inches from the camera as she humps her hand on the hardwood floor. She gasps and cries out as her hand rubs her hot little pussy. Finally flailing and throbbing in uncontrolled ecstasy, she has to pull down the panties and drive a finger in deep to satisfy her aching need.
She licks her fingers and drills her middle finger into the warm juicy slit. As she gets close, her body involuntarily draws up on her knees. She is hit with a bodywracking, throbbing orgasm that has her gasping for breath. She pulls on her undies and tries to compose herself to go back outside again.

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