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SexJapanTV sjt26344_3-def-1 HOT BEAUTY IN A COOL BLACK DRESS

A longhaired Asian beauty gets a sexy outfit to try on, and peels off her casual top and black shorts. Gorgeous and naked from behind, we watch as she shimmies into sexy thong and striped bra, then pulls on a tight black minidress that barely covers her big round tits and hourglass hips. She feels sooo sexy that her hands go straight to her big boobs and the lace trimmed bra.

Kneading and rubbing her ample titties, she finds her big brown nipples and pops them free, massages them with nimble hands. Her motor revving, she drops the panties and presses a manicured finger into her furry bush, seeking the wet slit. Holding and expelling each breath, her sex drive rises and takes over completely. Drawing tight little circles across her clit, she pants with desire. Her hips shoot forward as she cums against her fingers. Back to the real world, she notices the open curtain in front of her and seductively pulls it closed.

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SexJapanTV sjt_26348-3-def-1 LICKY LADY FINGERS HERSELF

A chic Asian beauty in tweedy vest whispers seductively towards the camera as her hand lazily rubs the crotch of her pantyhose. She unbuttons the vest and her prim white blouse and we see her frilly bra. She pulls it down to show off her perky breasts and pointy nipples. Slipping out of her hose and panties we get a look at her fur-lined pussy when she slides her middle finger into the moist slit.

Twiddling her clit, our young sweet Japanese lovely gets her hand juicy with lady goo. She spits into her palm and rubs harder. When she’s getting very close to exploding, she pulls out a hot pink “rabbit” sextoy vibe and licks till it’s dripping with saliva. She slides it along her slit and lets the bigger head slip into her moist crevice. Her moans get louder and she cums, fuzzy pussy dripping with creamy juice.

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