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PissJapanTV pjt_27173-7-def-1 LUNCHTIME PEE PARTY

It’s hard to find a secluded spot in the business district during lunch hour, so these ladies nees to dart into a dark corner and relieve their piss urge. First sexy lass finds a wall next to a motorbike, yanks down her shiny thong and wets a big spot of the concrete below. Her tissue slowly soaks up the puddle as she hurries off.
A tall thin blonde lugging a big purse starts calm then rushes along to a patterned sidewalk in the park to unleash her stream Pee shoots from her hole, drips from her pussy and ass while she nervously scans for passersby.
A classic Japanese beauty in honey blond bob pulls down her jeans by a park fence. Squatting deep, she is careful to sop up wet hair around her tight pussy before she heads back to work.

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