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 PissJapanTV pjt25307_3-def-1 SASSY PANTY PARADE

A haughty scoolgirl agrees to our challenge and hikes her skirt to parade down the alleys of her neighborhood with panties on display. Halfway through, she squeezes her knees together and relaxes her bladder, letting a hot stream of peepee leave a splattered trail of fragrant piss behind her as she walks. at the end, she shows off her naughty drenched undies and giggles for the camera. For round two she retraces her steps holding her skirt high around her waist so the world can see the nasty pissing babe she has been.
Then a second young lady takes the bet and lifts her skirt as she saunters down her street. Cued to let the piss flow, she groans, strains and grimaces, finally manages some small puddles on the pavement and a discreet little pee spot on the front of her printed panties. She laughs heartily with relief and satisfaction.

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