PissJapanTV pjt_25666-8-def-1

PissJapanTV pjt_25666-8-def-1 SHAVED THROUGH HER PANTYHOSE

A pretty Japanese lady lifts her flowered dress to show off lovely lavender bra and panties. she steps out of panties and slips on her silky pantyhose. Patting her fuzzy bush she decides it’s a good time for a shave, and rips open the crotch. A buzzing battery powered trimmer glides across the curves of her sexy little poon.
She follows by clipping the long hairs with scissors. Finally a disposable razor gets her lovely slit smooth and clean. After moving in close so we can see every bit of her perfect pubis, our Asian beauty squats over the toilet and splashes a hard hot stream of lady pee onto the porcelain.

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A sexy honey blond Asian coed drops her panties but keeps on her black knee high stockings as she spreads her long legs in the bathtub. A pretty pink razor starts smoothing and trimming her long pubes, and she shows us the hairs caught in its blades. Carefully pulling the sensitive lips aside, she gets in close and smooth.
Our gorgeous Japanese lady is silky smooth and hairless when she parts her pussy to give us a sensuous look inside its soft pink folds. She perches on the tub’s edge and pulls open her snatch. An arching stream of warm piss shoots up and across the tub as she beams and giggles for the camera.

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PissJapanTV pjt_25668_15-def-1 OFFICE GIRL, SOAKED PANTIES

A smartly-dressed uniformed clerk agrees to walk down the open outdoor hallway of an apartment building howing off her lavender undies. When we get to the stairway she lets loose with a major splashing piss that runs down the steps and soaks her panties. Droplets of peepee glisten on her strong firm thighs as she parades back to the exit.
But she’s not finished yet. Back at the stairs she splashes out another storm of pee that soaks the landing. We watch her waddling butt as she shyly smiles and nods to the camera, taking the soaked panties off to show for her efforts.

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PissJapanTV pjt_25666-7-def-1 SMOOTH AND PISSY ON THE FLOOR

A smart casual Asian babe slides to the floor from her modern couch, pulls out a pink razor to start shaving her lovely fuzzy crotch. Starting and the top she works down to the sensitive lips and horny little clit between. Careful to keep it smooth and comfy with no nicks, she dips the razor in a basin between each stroke.
She sensuously runs a hand over the sexy smooth pubic mound, then softly wipes with a tissue. Squatting low, her hot stream of pee shoots straight out across the floor and leaves her happy and refreshed.

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PissJapanTV pjt_25309-11-def-1 RUBBING A VELVET ROPE

A pretty lady from Tokyo beckons us to watch when she finds a fence of soft black rope. She climbs over and straddles it, finding it to her extreme liking. It’s time to ditch the panties and grid into the rope with her hot raw snatch. The top strand presses up into our lovely’s slick little slit. The bit of friction has her cumming right away, and she can’t hold back from letting her piss spray down and soak the fence and everything below.

Another Asian hottie must’ve seen and she climbs onto a waist high traffic cone. Can’t imagine she’d make it far down the massive plastic cone, but she does her damnedest. She slides her naked pussy along the cone’s side, then presses its bulbous tip into her twitching crotch. Her smooth shaved slit looks ready to devour the big cone. She steps away to tease us with a little titty show. Her soft brown nipple peeks out from her bra top as she rides the cone.

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A pretty Tokyo 20-something rides the knobby bumps of a playground climber, her horny clit pressing into the rubbery protrusions. Our girl’s thighs shiver and shake with sexy abandon as she grinds her crotch into the playground toy. When she stands the fabric of her panties is getting devoured by her hungry snatch. She moves around to evey humpable surface to try them for size.

Finally spying an undulating wall of mosaic tile, she climbs on and is smitten. She holds the rising curve of the wall and grinds her ravenous poon into the cool glassy surface. Moving back to the rubber bumpers she grinds her naked snatch in and the sexual temperature shoots higher. She mewls and moans as her pussy walls close in on the bumper. Then a fountain stream of piss shoots up and out a yard ahead of her. The sandy soil below is wet, soaked for several feet in every direction. She smiles with a look of achievement and waves a happy goodbye!

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A girl in her red tracksuit squats to sit on a low wall by the curb. She checks to see anyone watching then pulls he pants to her knees and lets a stream of hot piss fly out from between her smooth thick lips. She takes the moment to finger her buzzing pussy and spurts out more piss while she pleasures herself.
It all feels so irresistibly good that she can’t help pulling up her t-shirt to play with her breasts then taking off her pants. She props her legs on the wall and fingers herself to a quaking climax. Her pretty face contorts into a lip-biting expression of uncontrolled lust as she squeezes her thighs tight around her frigging hand. She discreetly wipes her hand and crack with a tissue and dresses before she walks away.

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PissJapanTV pjt_25669-1-def-1 SPOTLIGHT ON PISSING PUSSIES

Asian beauties have so many wonderful attributes, but from what we see, big tough bladders are not among them. These pretty and proper Japanese ladies get nature’s call and have to rush to let that stream flow. Our voyeur camera guy has set up a light and reflector that aims at their delectable nether regions and lights up EVERYTHING you want to see when that hot pee is splashing out. He even manages to shoot secretly as they walk into the restroom and then saunter out ha-0ppy and relieved.

The light goes on when they’re squatting down and letting the first splash of piss spurt out of their tight little twats, so these bladder-challenged babes don’t even notice. But YOU will see so much more than a shadowy crotch could ever reveal. A half-dozen lovelies sit and squat over the floor catch basin and put on a private piss show you’ll treasure in your erotic memories for days!

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PissJapanTV pjt_25669-2-def-1

PissJapanTV pjt_25669-2-def-1 THE GOLDEN FLOW GLOW

Light-up pussies? Sure, we got them! Our clever cameraman has a reflector he can aim into the squatty potty stall at the perfect time to catch the hot golden streams spraying out from a Japanese beauty’s sweet tight snatch. A spectacular lineup of Asian ladies need to relieve their swollen bladders in this very stall and each and every one of them gets a spotlit twat when that honey-sweet peepee spurts straight out of their sexy slit.

And if that isn’t exxxciting enough, watch when a second camera angle takes over half the screen. You’ll see the moment when these careful attentive lovelies reach for a tissue and lovingly blot off the juicy lips of their undercarriages. They drop the paper into the basin, straighten up and stand tall as their panties and skirts are properly arranged for stepping back out in public. And for us horny foot worshippers there are closeups of their sandaled feet and pretty pedicured toes. Whew!

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PissJapanTV pjt_25309-2-def-1 PEEPEE IN THE PLAYGROUND

A pretty Asian playgirl wanders through an empty park. She yanks down her blouse and bra to play with her titties, searching for a secluded spot. A playground with a trio of weird bumpy climbing jacks catches her attention and her fancy. She straddles one and rubs her crack into the black rubbery bumps that protrude all over the plaything’s surface. Her helping hand gives her pussy just what she needs to get her excitement going at full throttle.

Some girls can’t hold back their pee once they’re ready to blast, and this honey-colored sweetheart is that type. Her downy bush presses into the rubber when her panties are down, she’s finding it hard to keep control. She parts her bottom lips and pushes onto the big hard bump. It’s about to get wet and squirty, and SPLASH! she sprays out a steaming hot spurt of perfect piss. Climbing off the soaked playground toy she smiles and walks off.

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PissJapanTV pjt_25309-3-def-1

PissJapanTV pjt_25309-3-def-1 RIDING THE RAILINGS

A beautiful Japanese miss strolls the streets in a striped skirt, looking for a place to give her poon a pat. She leads us to a rooftop with lots of fun pipes and railings to ride that pussy on. A warm hot water pipe snakes out from its concrete insulation and looks so tempting to our horny honey. She backs into a 90 degree elbow that prods her crack just right. A plastic pipe down below is perfect to straddle and grind into. She shushes us when she hears someone on the stairs below.

But that doesn’t stop a sex-starved huntress. When you’re pleasing an itchy clit, every surface looks tempting for a tryout. Finally her panties come down and her wet hot slit gets full friction. She’s getting ready to blow, but is there something more, ready to shoot? Her spasming snatch drools out a steady stream of luscious peepee. When she sees the hot puddle on the roof, she giggles and hides her face.

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PissJapanTV pjt_25669-3-def-1

PissJapanTV pjt_25669-3-def-1 PRETTY PISSY PUSSIES

The walls of this restroom are spic and span clean with sparkling white tile. But the rough ragged edges of the ladies’ room stalls add a little dick-tickling bit of rough tawdriness. This is the place where hot little Asian beauties come in when their bladders are bursting with hot juicy pee. These sweet Japanese honeys won’t notice a piece of cloth barely hiding a sneaky voyeur and his all-seeing camera set up in the adjacent stall.

We catch the most private moments when the panties come down, the women squat over the floor basin, and the sweet salty piss sprays out of their slits. And right at that moment we shine a soft white light to illuminate the shadows that cover their dark furry poons. Lit up and in sharp focus there’s no mystery or mistaking–the wet hot spray comes spurting out of a gorgeous lady slit in a steamy splash against the cold steel in the floor below. See every lush thick curve of buttocks and crack as these desperate dolls splatter their showers and stand up to go about their daily tasks. You’ll be so glad you got to watch!

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Duration: 00:10:54

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